The following rules have been established to ensure safe and sanitary operation of the pool facilities for the benefit of all HF residents.


Residents who use the pool must have a current pool card on file. Resident pool cards can be updated on first pool visit and are available at the lifeguard’s desk. Pool cards will also be available for update during Family Fun Night.


Pool is open to Hidden Forest residents and their guests. All guests must be accompanied by a resident. All residents and guests must register at the pool desk.
1. Pool hours are determined by the Pool Committee and approved by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors has the authority to change pool hours as needed.
2. The pool may be closed at any time for emergency repairs or during weather conditions such as thunder or lightening. On the occurrence of thunder or lightening, everyone in the pool must exit the pool and remain out for at least 20 minutes. With continued occurrences of thunder and lightning during the waiting period, the lifeguards, at their discretion, may choose to close the pool for the remainder of the day.
3. A ten-minute "Adults Only" swim period will be held every hour. During this time, all persons under 18 years of age must exit the pool and surrounding pavement.


4. Residents may bring guests to the pool for a fee of $1.00 per person per day. Residents must sign their guests into the pool guest log and remain at the pool the entire time the guests are present. Residents must ensure their guests comply with all pool rules. A Guest Pass may be purchased by any HF resident for any guest(s) they may be housing for an extended period of time. Guest passes are $3 per week or $5 per two weeks, per person. These fees may be changed at the discretion of the Board of Directors. All guests must be accompanied by a resident.


5. Children who cannot pass a swim test must wear a life jacket and be accompanied by an adult, and the adult must remain within arms’ reach of the child, while in the pool.
6. Children under eleven years of age are not allowed to visit the pool unless accompanied by a parent or guardian. A child who is permitted to be at the pool unaccompanied by a parent or guardian (must be eleven years of age or older), cannot stay at the pool for more than a total of four hours in one day, and has an alternative place to go in the event of pool closure or a disciplinary problem.
7. Adults must assume responsibility for supervising children in the wading pool. Only children under age six may use the wading pool.
8. No food or drinks are allowed in the pool or on the pool edge. Food and drinks are permitted on the lawn areas only in unbreakable (non-glass) containers.
9. Pets are not allowed in the pool or picnic areas.
10. All swim attire must have hemmed edges.
11. Children of diaper wearing age must wear a swim diaper while in the pool. Children who have been ill are asked to refrain from visiting the pool. Health and Sanitary procedures for HF pool are to immediately close the facility following any type of pool contamination, and to remain closed for 24 hours, while the water quality is being restored to a safe level. Residents who choose not to adhere to health safety precautions may be asked to leave the pool.
12. As the pool is intended for use by all of the families in Hidden Forest, the use of alcoholic beverages is discouraged and tobacco products are only allowed in designated areas.


13. The Pool Manager and lifeguards have full authority over all pool activities, and residents and guests must obey their instructions. When residents or guests do not follow the pool rules, the lifeguards are authorized to restrict the individuals from the pool, and if necessary have them leave the pool premises for the day.
14. Running on concrete surfaces, horseplay or unseemly behavior will not be allowed.
15. Pool games are allowed at the discretion of the lifeguards. No hard playing balls will be allowed in the pool. Large floats must remain in the deep end of the pool.




You can print out this form to participate in the Lap Club. You will still need to obtain a key and combination number from the office to complete this request.